About us

We are deeply fascinated by the way buildings shape our environment and profoundly influence our daily lives. In our designs, we consider not only the aesthetic, environmental, economic and social aspects, but also put our heart and soul into every single detail. Digitalisation and innovation in the construction industry are not just buzzwords for us, they are the driving force behind our passion.

Our Goal

We strive to push our boundaries and explore new horizons to create outstanding and transformative solutions. Every project is an opportunity for us to contribute with enthusiasm and dedication to the beauty, sustainability and quality of life in our surroundings.


Nominated for EuMies YTAA 2023

1. Lavespreis Student Award 2021

2. BDA Student Award 2021

Honorable Mention Lavespreis Student Award 2019

Deutschlandsstipendium 2014

Niedersachsensstipendium 2014

What we do


Discover the art of architectural design where creativity meets functionality. Our team of experienced architects brings visions to life, transforming spaces into captivating structures that inspire. From concept design step by step with direct contact with our customers to bring the best possible outcome and the best solution for any problem that we face


Experience the power of Building Information Modeling (BIM) in revolutionizing the construction industry. Our expertise in BIM enables seamless collaboration, enhanced visualization, and streamlined project management. Dive into our BIM services and learn how we optimize efficiency and accuracy throughout the entire project lifecycle.


Embrace the future of architecture through our innovative approach. We stay at the forefront of emerging technologies, pushing the boundaries of design. From 3D printing and robotics to VR visualization and 3D point cloud scanning, explore how we harness innovation to create sustainable, immersive, and transformative spaces