why bim?

Our team is your partner for successful execution of your construction projects! We offer a wide range of services to effectively and efficiently manage your project - from delivering sustainable BIM-enabled 3D models from 2D plans to creating Dynamo scripts. With proven statistics demonstrating the superior efficiency of working with BIM compared to traditional 2D methods, we ensure a collaborative and streamlined experience for all project partners. Whether it's an architectural project, building renovation, or new design concept, we support you every step of the way. Let's shape the future together!


less time more quality in planning

more transparency between the different participants

Sustainable managment

Our BIM Services


Discover our specialized BIM management solution to realize your project efficiently and mitigate risks. Benefit from a unified information foundation, saving time and costs by avoiding delays and rework. Our BIM coordinators excel in creating well-planned BIM Execution Plans, ensuring smooth project execution. Don’t let unforeseen delays and risks hinder your progress. Experience the advantages of a clear and comprehensive information foundation.


Step into the future of construction with Building Information Modeling (BIM)! This cutting-edge digital technology is transforming how buildings are planned, constructed, and operated. As an integrated digital model, BIM revolutionizes project management, optimizing collaboration, efficiency, and quality through immersive 2D to 3D modeling techniques. Experience the power of BIM for enhanced construction outcomes.


BIM provides businesses with a solution for successful project implementation, leading to cost savings and improved processes. It fosters collaboration and efficiency, enhances project organization, and elevates product quality. Investing in BIM can take your company to the next level, reaping benefits of efficiency, quality, cost savings, and sustainability. Our company offers BIM pilot project support to help you harness these advantages. Let us assist you in leveraging the power of BIM.


We not only offer exceptional services but also provide comprehensive BIM support. We are committed to empowering our clients with the knowledge and skills to effectively navigate through any project challenges. From personalized training sessions to hands-on assistance when facing difficult situations, we are here for you every step of the way. Trust us to help you overcome obstacles and ensure your project’s success.

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quality check

Ensure the quality and integrity of your BIM model with our BIM model checking services. Detect issues early, promote collaboration, and improve project efficiency. Elevate quality, minimize errors, and reduce delays. Contact us to learn more and enhance your project today.

co2 footprint

At Scales, we prioritize environmental sustainability. Our advanced BIM models seamlessly integrate with different software platforms, enabling precise evaluation of your project's environmental impact. Make informed decisions, reduce ecological footprint, and promote sustainability. Streamline evaluations and embrace a greener future with us.


In addition to our core offerings, we are proud to provide comprehensive inventory solutions. Our team is equipped to efficiently manage and document your project inventory, ensuring accurate and up-to-date records of all materials and assets. With our inventory services, you can streamline procurement, optimize resource allocation, and maintain better control over your project's resources


we offer customized Revit family creation tailored to our clients' specific needs. Our team of Revolutionize your architecture, engineering, and construction workflow with our powerful solutions. Our Dynamo scripts automate processes, saving time and costs while enhancing accuracy and efficiency. Additionally, we offer customized Revit families tailored to your project needs, bringing your ideas to life with precision and seamless integration into your design process.