A space for everyone!

In collaboration with various initiatives, the Society for Extraordinary Collaboration, and Leibniz University of Hannover, we have developed a mobile action tool to address the needs of urban interventions in Hannover.
The tool, called “RAUMWAGEN,” is a 3.5-ton trailer that can be quickly deployed and dismantled at different locations. It consists of four key components: a mobile workshop, a mobile kitchen, a mobile stage, and a mobile workspace. These components cater to the diverse requirements of the initiatives, promoting cultural networking, collaborative work, and hosting various events such as concerts and readings.
RAUMWAGEN is equipped with innovative features, including four electric supports that lift the structure and transform it into a striking and recognizable flying structure during activities. Its illuminated exterior generates visibility and reflects the complexity of its structural framework.
The construction of RAUMWAGEN is based on a Tiny House trailer, featuring a multiplex plywood substructure and a timber frame structure covered with polycarbonate double-layer panels. This design ensures both weight reduction and visual appeal, with the panels allowing diffused light to pass through during the day and internal illumination for nighttime events. The RAUMWAGEN serves as an efficient and eye-catching mobile platform for urban initiatives, providing a versatile space that can be easily adapted and utilized by various organizations. Its unique design and multifunctional capabilities make it a valuable addition to Hannover’s public space, enabling a range of creative activities and fostering community engagement.

1_ Kitchen, 2_ Outdoor kitchen concealed as a drawer in the ground, 3_Tables, 4_ Drawers, 5_ Stools, 6_ Workbench, 7_ Workshop shelving, 8_ Tool Systainer, 9_ Edutainment module, 10_ PA module.

Josefine Albach, Sarah Brandtner, Fabian Dollwet, Felix Fritz, Emil Georgiev, Benjamin Grudzinski, Hussein Kelani, Niklas Kühlenborg, Hana Lotzer, Alexander Mihatsch, Lina Reulecke, Mimke Rohden, Benedikt Schlund, Linnea Schroerschwarz, Carla Schumann, Marleen Stemwedel, Kilian Sterling, Ture Stockter.