Design With What You Have!

A new pavilion is being designed for the small restaurant “DingsDums Dumplings” on the edge of Volkspark am Weinberg, located on Brunnenstraße.

Design strategy: When intersecting cylinders, oval and curved lines and contours are created. When transferring these intersecting lines into a larger spatial dimension, highly interesting and qualitative spaces are formed, which are visually stimulating for the sensitive human eye. In this design, we have intersected two cylinders and subtracted their volumes, resulting in a space (or multiple spaces) within the volume that represents the intersection between the two cylinders. The volume is composed of vertically arranged cardboard cylinders that have been recycled. This approach creates a distinctive interior space and a new architectural spatial quality.

Two cylinders, two functions: The space created within the cube by the two cylinders is utilized dually. The front cylinder (facing Brunnenstraße) houses the kitchen and service area. Here, surplus food is received, stored, processed, and sold. The rear cylinder (facing the park side) serves as the customer area. Orders are placed directly at the entrance. A staircase leads to the roof, which provides seating and space for customers during the summer. The point of intersection between the two spaces represents the symbolic connection between the customers and the restaurant. Additionally, on the park side, there is another space intended to function as a public restroom.