Merging two clinics into one

Our task was to merge two separate units into a modern and spacious physiotherapy clinic on the ground floor of a multi-family house, located directly by the Eilenriede forest in the beautiful neighborhood of Döhren.

We placed a special focus on sustainability, resource conservation, cost-effectiveness, and aesthetics. Careful planning allowed us to preserve the existing building structure as much as possible while achieving the desired functionalities.By reusing materials and , we were able to conserve resources and minimize our ecological footprint.

Furthermore, we prioritized the aesthetic design of the clinic. We selected high-quality and durable materials to create an appealing and welcoming ambiance. Through strategic space planning and the incorporation of modern design elements, we were able to establish a pleasant atmosphere that benefits both patients and therapists.

We take pride in successfully executing the transformation of the Jouja physiotherapy clinic, achieving not only functional improvements but also sustainable, resource-efficient, cost-effective, and aesthetically pleasing outcomes.