The National Pavilion of South Korea

The line of Korean architecture is characterized by its flexibility. This flexibility is most prominent at the roof. The curved appearance of the roof is a signature feature of Korean traditional architecture. Besides its’ beauty, it also functions as shading.


It is designed so that people, buildings, and environment can commu-nicate. As the building shape decreases in volume as it goes down, the connection between city and nature, people and people, and people and building increases. The building has a large square where many people come and go and many different events take place. During the day, the objet highlights the flexible curved beauty of Korean architecture through the facade of the building, and at night, it acts as a large screen where events through laser projection can be held on the facade of the roof.


New future technologies through holograms, which can be seen along the ramp located in the building, will be displayed to inform the world of Korea’s status as a smart leading country. On the second floor above the ground, there is an exhibition hall where you can see Korea’s overall history and growth process through a digital screen. On the rooftop, there are restaurants and cafes where visitors can relax and see the coast of Busan. The objet utilizes the strength of Korean traditional architecture and combines it with a platform, where Korea’s modern technological advancement is showcased.

Collaboration: :
Mo Hyunmok Cho